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SMS marketing is a promotion based technique to send a permission-based text. Usually, new product updates, an event invitation, or any other important information is sent to interested consumers using this technique. Today, SMS marketing is considered to be a more personal and direct form of marketing.

How it works

To be eligible to receive these promotional messages, you need to opt for the service by texting the 5 digit shortcode to the information provider. The phone number of the user is stored in an automated system and you can then start getting the promotional messages. To unsubscribe from the service, you need to send another set of 5 digit short code. You will not get any further messages thereafter.

There is no set module to sculpt SMS marketing to suit a particular type of business. SMS marketing is best suited for certain business objectives like increasing sales, generating leads, and so on. Generally, the target audience for SMS marketing services are people who reside in the close vicinity of the event venue. A gentle reminder SMS about the event is sent to the consumers before and on the day of the event.

To become successful in SMS marketing, you must follow certain guidelines listed here.

  • To the point message

The message text sent should be short enough to get accommodated in a single message. Nobody likes to read a message that spans in across two messages. So maintaining a size limit is necessary.

  • Don’t wait for the last moment

To be successful in the promotion of an event, timing is very important. Give the consumer enough time to decide and be able to make it to the event.

  • Thoughtful Timing

Make sure that the messages are not sent at midnight or at odd hours as that might irritate the consumer. Sending messages, again and again, might also lead to missing its importance.

  • User-friendly URL’s

You must ensure that the links in the message if it contains any, are user-friendly and can be opened from any mobile and browser.

  • Use of opt-out method

Nobody likes to receive forceful messages. If a particular consumer wants to opt out of the message receiving service for whatsoever reason, the message should contain the unsubscribe option.

  • Target Marketing

If the offer is more suitable to certain demographic, then the target audience should be identified and accordingly, the group should be formed which will ensure that the message is received by those people only.

  • No Controversial Messages

Avoid sending any form of communal, degrading or hurtful messages. Consumers’ sentiments should be valued and respected. You must take care that your message doesn’t raise any kind of conflicts between the users.

  • Correct Data

Sending correct data is important to maintain the authenticity of the message and to gain consumer confidence.


The two main costs associated with SMS marketing are a fee for sending a message and the renting keyword cost. The most common pricing model is a monthly fee but this varies from business to business. Most vendors offer free incoming messages. The best way to choose the vendor is to go for one, who offers expansion of the options.

Once, all the guidelines and legal formalities have been adhered to, you can start your marketing campaign. With proper SMS marketing campaign, you can effectively generate leads, as one of the consumers can help you in introducing to a new set of consumers or business. SMS marketing can be a very successful form of expanding consumers if done with proper care.

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