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Sharekhan Case Study


Stock Broking


A sharp rise in participation



Discover how Sharekhan Limited, India’s leading online security (Stock) broking and portfolio services provider, witnessed a sharp rise in participation through Value Direct's Mobile Marketing

Sharekhan Limited offers online security broking and portfolio services to institutions and large corporate houses as well as individual investors. Sharekhan Limited was formerly known as SSKI Investor Services Private Limited. The company is based in Mumbai, India.


Sharekhan has had an interesting growth journey over the past decade. As we gained momentum on our growth path, we needed trustworthy and reliable partners. We have found one in Value Direct. Working with Value Direct has taught us to focus more on quality rather than quantity. I wish Value all the very best for their future.

- Wasim Momin, Sharekhan -


The challenges were to communicate about the upcoming seminars in a quick and easy-to-read format, increase the visibility of the seminars, current number of participants and to create a communication tool and strategy that is flexible, easy to modify, and compatible with the Sharekhan’s given budget. The objective was to do so by informing customers about new training courses and seminars through targeted messages, based on accurate customer segmentation.


The main strategy consisted of creating new trade-marketing seminar messages, regularly sent to the profiled customer database. Additionally, more targeted messages were designed to give the participants seminars CDs of the trading courses for free of cost. The casting of the SMS messages quickly led to some remarkable results:

1. An immediate increase in the participation of interested customers for attending the trading seminars.

2. Substantial amount of participants forwarding the message to others.

While the two companies, Sharekhan and Value Direct, enjoy working with each other, the real winners are their customers.