Stock Broking Case Study

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Ventura Securities Case Study


Stock Broking


To build a large list of traders



Value Direct worked with Ventura Securities, a fastest-growing stock broking house, to build a large list of traders through our Mobile Marketing solution

Ventura Securities Ltd. (Ventura) commenced operations in 1994 as a stock broking house. On its journey from then to now, Ventura has seen the capital markets mature and investors' requirements become more diverse. It has kept up with the times and today, it offers a whole range of investment products and services.


Ventura Securities had a large list of traders but wanted to methodically and cautiously add more contacts and improve revenue performance. It was key to better leverage existing traffic to grow the list and to implement meaningful marketing efforts for proper on-boarding to the Ventura Securities brand. They had an aggressive goal to double the number of traders from the previous quarter and to do so with the minimal use of promotions in order to maximize ROI.


Value Direct had engaged with Ventura Securities in a full-service capacity; managing the development, roll-out and optimization of their mobile marketing program. With huge client wins from other partners, it was a seamless effort for Value Direct to get new initiatives off the ground for Ventura Securities.

With tight strategy and management on reaching out the right customer to subscribe for the trading program combined with leading technology, Ventura Securities quickly saw their ad respondents turn into new subscribers and first-time customers.