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Value Direct created an online voice through Social media marketing for an esteemed real estate project in Kanjurmarg, popularized by Tata Propserv. The marketing strategy applied by the social team at Value Direct helped the company achieve quality leads in less than a week.

This premium real estate project is a new pre launch Premium project near Kanjurmarg railway station.

The project consists of 6 multi-storeyed towers containing lavish and luxury apartments of 1.5 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK priced at Rs.1.25 crore for which Tata Propserv was looking to target only affluent audience.


Even for the most successful real estate business, chasing leads and nurturing prospective buyers can be burdensome. Tata Propserv Group needed an instant ROI-based solution for the real estate project. Since the price of a premium apartments starts at around Rs. 1.25 crore, the company’s challenge was how they can attract the buyers without the support of any exciting offers in the face of increasing government regulations. They required a solution that would help them capture prospects who are genuinely interested for investing in the project. The challenge for Value Direct was to help the project get 50 “Quality Leads” for MUMBAI city in a period of seven days.


To help Tata Propserv get quality leads, Value Direct launched a Social Media Marketing Campaign through which we clearly defined audiences based on level of overall engagement and interest. With the accompaniment of database, creatives and content, Value Direct created a persuasive ad campaigns that were constantly optimized & monitored. Additionally, Value Direct also submitted timely reports to Tata Propserv & set up an API for the client so that they have a track on leads generated. In a period of just two days, Value Direct exceeded the target of leads by generating more than 50 leads. According to disposition report shared by Tata Propserv group, the company saw a 51.79% interest from users who are genuinely interested in investing. Value Direct over-achieved the target with good response & feedback from client all due to expert management of social media campaigns.