SEVEN! A number with so many interesting facts related to it. For the numerologists, it is a significant number which represents the seeker, the thinker or the searcher of Truth and for others it is a number which comes after 6 and before 8. True story!

But today, for all VD’ites, it is more than just a number. It is the years of achievement, success and all the hard work towards making a difference.

Yes! You guessed it right. We turn 7! And on this glorious 7th Anniversary, let’s look at the significant moments we shared –

From Inception to Evolution

The remarkable journey of Value Direct started in the year 2010 with a handful of employees having a passion to change the way the industry works and what happened next is history!

A company revolutionized lead generation industry by being the 1st one to implement “Pay per lead module” successfully in India while taking care of the entire ad spent of its clients unlike the rest in the market.  The persistence and vision of the founder made it possible for Value Direct to emerge as a performance driven company.

And who can forget the impressive benchmarks we achieved –


How did all this happen?

Well, you know the answer. It is all because of the united team of superheroes, who work hard every minute towards delivering the phenomenal business results and also the wonderful clients who have been highly cooperative and supportive.

But you cannot take the credits away from the FUN committee, which is responsible for planning all the Fun Fridays; Testy Festy Awards, DJ nights and many cool things which created the plethora of wonderful moments that make us smile every day.

Challenging Path Ahead

With new products about to launch the journey ahead is challenging. But guess what? We are here. Taking up the challenges is what makes us Awesome! And with all the expertise achieved in these glorious years, every opportunity is an exciting, fun & rewarding experience!

So Kudos to all the people who have been a part of this incredible journey! Nothing is possible without a happy and enthusiastic team who believes in making a difference every single day.

Cheers to the phenomenal success. Cheers to the wonderful 7 years! Cheers to Value Direct!

Happy 7th Anniversary!

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